Periods Appearing booked on the calendar may be free!

We need to synchronize our calendars with big rental platforms. To keep free dates for the persons who wish to contact us directly, like you, we must block periods on the platforms, which automatically blocks them here too, alas.

So please contact us if you wish to vacation in a period which appears already booked. There is a good chance the house is still free.

If the house is free on the calendar, then it is definitely available, until, you book it, of course


Villa Concorde Complete

The complete villa, all three houses with 7 bedrooms

Prices are heavily dependent of the season: from €385 to €1000 per night


The Villa Concorde can also be rented without the blue House. Each family has complete privacy, the Coral and Green houses have together 5 bedrooms and sleep 9

Prices are from €230 to €680 per night


Please contact us at famille(at) or call

Coral House

The Coral House sleeps 5 in 3 rooms, its price per night ranges from €110 to € 330

Blue House

The Blue House sleeps 4 in 2 rooms, its price per night ranges from €90 to € 165


Please contact us at famille(at)